Valderrama: A year after

Valderrama: A year after Anniversaries hold a special place in our lives, marking significant moments in our relationships and businesses. But what about a death anniversary? Does the pain still linger? Is it the same pain? Can we find healing by letting go? Recently, we commemorated the death anniversary of my brother Joel. Last year, my columns were filled with his memory and the pain of losing a loved one. Unexpected deaths are truly tragic. They shatter our dreams of a future with that person and leave us heartbroken, unprepared. They say the pain of losing someone stays with us forever, but life goes on. We can empower ourselves by carrying their memories and cherishing them, leading to a more fulfilling life. Grieving is a natural response to loss, something we cannot avoid when we are hurting. But as we remember the beautiful moments we shared with our departed loved ones, shouldn't we remember them with a smile? I often think back to how my brother would call me late in the evening, surprising me with his caring words. His advice to explore, to not confine myself to one place, and to allow myself to grow still resonates with me. But along with these memories, regrets start to surface. The wh

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